Life in a Day - documentary


Small snippets of the lives of people around the world. Much like pointing to anywhere on a map and having the ability to witness the life of a person living a completely differently lifestyle, in a different culture.

This relates to my current research as I aim to make social observations on the lives of people - dealing with routines and our behaviour. I also found the "vlog style" way of shooting to be an interesting form of film making as it is quite a new modern form of documentation where people would document their daily lives. This is intriguing as it is contrasting to documentary style films where it is mainly told through a 3rd person perspective where in a vlog you are seeing everything through a first person perspective. Vlogs are quite similar to zines in relation to distribution, it is self made and self published, very independent. The user is not reliant on any third party except for possibly the web platform (YouTube)

I also find the aspect of storytelling to be quite captivating and is something unique to human life. This possibly relates to one of my project aims in my project proposal - how people treat one another and human behaviour. 




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