Chicken Shop Date - Amelia Dimonldenberg

First heard of Dimoldenberg's work through an email concerning a GCD conference. I find her interviews witty, deadpan and humorous. What intrigued me the most about her journalistic work is the innovative way in which the content is presented. The interview is taken out of it's traditional setting (a set studio/interview desk) and placed in an unexpected environment. Yet, the setting is not too bizarre that the viewer and the interviewee is disconnected and completely distracted but is still in a familiar environment, a chicken shop. 

Her work was helpful to research as it expanded my ideas for interview possibilities as well as the tone I would like to set for interviews. Will it be humorous ? serious? informative? biographic? I also now am thinking about the possible platform that I could display work and the way it is presented. I'm keeping my options open on considering using social media as a tool to attain research as well as to use it as a platform to display work. 


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